LFR Apparel is an independently owned clothing brand, operated from the great city of Wuppertal in Germany. We create urban streetwear with pop culture, streetart and cartoon inspired designs and love for the detail.

Founded in 2010 by graphic designer and illustrator Pino Lamanna, alias Schakalwal and his foot soldiers, LFR is about to cross the seven seas of streetwear fashion, to deliver the most radical top rope elbowdrops. And with elbowdrops we mean awesome products...

Our items are very limited and exclusive, because we believe in quality
over quantity. Evertyhing is made with love and passion for good

We are loud, we are fast, we are radical!
LFR - elbowdroppin' since 2k10

Peace out!

P.s. Don't take us too serious. Here and there you might stumble upon sarcasm and irony.